Second book signing, and “Dolls” giveaway

I spent the day at Fireside Books out in Palmer, and guess what I did?


I got to sign more books.

David Cheezem invited me for an early afternoon of signing books in his cozy and wonderful store, and I had such a good time that after we ate lunch, I returned for the rest of the afternoon.


What is it about some bookstores that make you feel right at home, make you want to kick off your shoes, curl up with a good book and never leave? This was one such store. And I didn’t want to leave. And I stayed as long as I could.  And if I lived in Palmer, I’d be in Fireside Books all the time.

I met so many great people and got to chat with most of them, too, including another Alaska Cynthia, who gave me the low-down on a public cabin with electricity.

Thanks to everyone, and especially David (who supplied me with my own personal bar-coded paper cup), for making such a special day.

Other great news is that my Thoughts in Progress interview posted Saturday (Thanks so much, Thoughts in Progress. Loved your questions!), and they’re hosting a giveaway for two (two!) chances to win a copy of “Dolls Behaving Badly.” Check out the link, scroll down to the bottom, zap off a quick email, cross your fingers and wait. So easy. Contest open through Feb. 23. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Second book signing, and “Dolls” giveaway

  1. I’m so glad it went well there too. I’ve never (yet) been to Palmer, but I’ve always gotten such a good vibe about Fireside Books. I even like their web url —–they have their priorities right!
    Thanks for being so inspiring–and yes, would love to see you soon (will next be in town about two and a half weeks from now).


  2. Ela: We will have to drive out to Palmer some summer day and visit Fireside Books. It is totally worth the trip and you will love it. Plus there are places to eat that serve organic food and, most likely, healthy smoothies. See you soon.


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