My first booksigning

What a rush.

My first reading/discussion/signing took place earlier tonight at Barnes & Noble.

It was an awesome experience. I cried about four times. I couldn’t help it. I worked so hard to publish a book and dreamed so many times of sitting in front of readers talking about my book that when the time came to do it, I sat there and cried.

That’s me, sitting behind a table at the Anchorage Barnes & Noble and discussing my book.

I’m humbled by the people who took time off their busy Friday nights to come out and support me. Thanks so, so much, everyone! I owe you all a huge hug.

And special thanks to Louise Freeman-Toole, who read for me; my sister, Candace, who traveled all the way from Philly to be with me; and Susie, who arrived early and helped calm my nerves.

Also, thanks to Sarana, Scooter and Roy, Peter and Pam, Joe and everyone else who came out.

An added thanks to Dawnell, who threw candy at me (I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I wished people would throw candy at me, as they do in parades, and she did! It was so, so cool and wonderful. It totally made my night).

So thanks, everyone. I love you all. Truly!

me in book
Sorry, Susie, borrowed this off Facebook. Thanks so much!
My sister and yours truly at the booksigning table
Signing Sarana’s book (hugs, honey)

Best of all I got to connect with an old graduate friend I had lost contact with. Hello again, Kathy. Have a great time in Florida and we’ll have tea soon when you get back, okay?

I’m exhausted and it’s time for bed, but before I crawl beneath the covers I have to say, in a whisper, since everyone is sleeping: Today was a perfect day.

4 thoughts on “My first booksigning

  1. Cannot wait to read your book. Have heard so much about your wanting this to happen. Your mom keeps me posted, your 2nd cousin, Peggy Ann


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