Quivering Pen, Kristy Centeno and eggs

I’m a writer today because my high school English teacher, Clair Blakeslee, spit on me.

He became so excited talking about books that he forgot to swallow, and he spit on me. At that very moment, I knew I would grow up to become a writer.

Read more about it at The Quivering Pen’s My First Time feature. And don’t forget about the giveaway, either. The Quivering Pen is giving away a copy of Dolls Behaving Badly to a lucky reader. Enter before Feb. 14; details here. (Thanks David! I owe you.)

I’m also a writer today because I found time to write. If that sounds like an easy thing, think again. Still, I believe that everyone can find the time to finish their novel or writing project, as long as they’re willing to make writing a priority. Again, no easy task. Read how I found the time to finish my novel as a single mother working two jobs and attending graduate school on Kristy Centeno’s site. The presentation is awesome, and there is some pink involved (love me my pink!). Thanks so much Kristy, for giving my little post a fantastic welcome.

On another note, my sister and I went out to visit friends in Hatcher Pass yesterday. She went skiing and I stayed in the house and wrote. I also marveled at these. Aren’t they lovely?



Eggs from the chicken I housesat for last month. I don’t know why I find these eggs so beautiful, but I do. The colors vary from dark brown to light brown to a wonderful bluish-green, and when I hold them in my hands, they feel round and cool and perfect.

Hope everyone finds a small moment of perfection, or at least comfort, in their day.

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