Malnourished launches today

It’s here. The big day. My memoir, the one I spent 15 years struggling over, launches today from Raised Voice Press. I’m feeling very exposed, very vulnerable. This is not at all similar to when Dolls Behaving Badly launched from Hachette Book Group. That was a novel, and while some of it was based on… Read More Malnourished launches today

“Malnourished” pre-orders now available

Malnourished: A Memoir of Sisterhood and Hunger, is now available for pre-order: Amazon Barnes & Noble IndieBound The story chronicles my sister’s death from an eating disorder, alongside my own struggles with food, acceptance, approval and love. Here’s the cover wrap, with blurbs: And a small tidbit from the beginning: Even though I hadn’t been… Read More “Malnourished” pre-orders now available

Cover reveal, and yippee!, “Malnourished” is ready for pre-orders

Big news: My new book Malnourished: A Memoir of Sisterhood and Hunger, now has a permanent cover. And I love it. I especially love the vast expanse of sky, which (at least to me) symbolizes death and healing, hope and redemption, all main themes throughout the book. Anyway, here it is: Here’s a brief description: In Malnourished, Cinthia… Read More Cover reveal, and yippee!, “Malnourished” is ready for pre-orders

My book finally found a publisher (!!)

Okay, the big news: My memoir which I’ve been working on for over 14 years (Fourteen years, people. Fourteen. Frigging. Years.), found itself a publisher. (Sounds of party noisemakers here, balloons flying through the air, shouts of intoxicating glee–the whole works). Hunger, and Lies releases this November from Raised Voice Press. It’s been a long, wild,… Read More My book finally found a publisher (!!)