“Malnourished” pre-orders now available

Malnourished: A Memoir of Sisterhood and Hunger, is now available for pre-order:


Barnes & Noble


The story chronicles my sister’s death from an eating disorder, alongside my own struggles with food, acceptance, approval and love.

Here’s the cover wrap, with blurbs:

And a small tidbit from the beginning:

Even though I hadn’t been born yet, I still remember my second-oldest sister’s birth, my mother carrying her home from the hospital wrapped in a blue blanket, because she was only the second and my father still had hopes for a boy. The light in the living room hazy and soft, since it was the beginning of March and twilight only lasted a few moments. We stood around, my oldest sister and I, we stood at the legs of our father, his pants dark and wrinkled and smelling of tobacco and dust, and we strained our toes, trying to make ourselves taller. My mother leaned down and held Deena in front of us, and she was so small, her face pinched in disapproval, her tiny hands punching. The corner of her mouth turned down slightly so that she looked both young and old, wise and unknowing. She stunned me, this sister of mine with the wizened face and the angry fists. I wanted to touch her but kept my arms straight at my sides, elbows locked and stubborn. It was as if I knew, even then, that she would balk at receiving affection, that this was the one grace she would never quite master. 



4 thoughts on ““Malnourished” pre-orders now available

    1. Carla! Thanks so, so much for ordering my book. I’m excited for you to read it (though a bit nervous, too, since it is such a personal subject). Seriously is doing well. She LOVES the cooler weather and right now is happily drenched from the rain and tracking muddy footprints all over the house. Hope all is well on your end. Cheers, thanks again, and big, big hugs.

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