New work up at 50-word stories

I tried my hand at a 50-word story and soon learned that it isn’t easy to write a full story in exactly 50 words.

The original attempt was 140 words. I sliced it down to 100, which wasn’t that difficult. Cutting it to 50, however, was where I really struggled.

My aim was to capture a mood, a small moment in time, much like browsing through photographs.

Here’s the beginning of For Karen, from Seward, Alaska.

 I kissed you on the mouth, lips desperate and soft. 

Head over to 50-Word Stories and check out the rest.

I love this photo of me sitting at the halfway point of Mt. Marathon and looking down at the small town of Seward, where I used to live.
Lost Lake Trail, in Seward, Alaska. See that little dot? That’s me, running over the trail out in the glorious middle of nowhere.
Another shot of Lost Lake. At this point I’m wondering: Why in the hell did I ever move away from Seward?


4 thoughts on “New work up at 50-word stories

    1. Did they misspell my name? Too funny. I remember the first time I had a big front page story in the newspaper (where I had worked for, like, four years at that point) they misspelled both my first and last name in the byline. I still wonder if that was deliberate, lol.

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