30 Reviews in 30 Days

Next week, I’m starting my 30 Reviews in 30 Days challenge, where I’ll write a book review every day for a month.

I’ve been severely behind in book reviews for the past year and need to catch up. I don’t know how many times I’ve finished a book and thought: I loved this book, loved this story, loved these characters and I want to write about it. Yet something held me back. It seemed like too much work. I was afraid I wouldn’t get it just right.  I was busy and life got in the way.

Those are all valid excuses, except they really aren’t.

I read over 70 books last year, as part of the Goodreads Reading Challenge. A few of those I simply could not finish, no matter how I tried. Yet, most of those titles I enjoyed. Some of them I adored. A few of them (I’m embarrassed to admit) caused me to stalk the authors on social media and gush to them about how much I loved their book, how much I loved every single word, how much I loved even the commas and semi-colons.

I don’t plan on posting each review and some of the reviews will be short, just a few sentences. Still, each one is vital. For book reviews are a way of giving back, of sharing the love and the experience a book can bring and of thanking writers for the time and energy, the passion and the pain it takes to go from Page One to a finished manuscript.

I see it this way: A writer gives the world the gift of a book and a reader reciprocates with the gift of a review. For some reason lately, I’ve been in the mood to give back. Maybe I’m low on karma points. Maybe I’m stuck in a rut and need something to write about. Or maybe I’m simply inspired to share books I’ve loved, books that have moved me, caused me to weep and wonder and look deep within myself to discover hard truths, hard answers, hard emotions.

The first post will feature my pick for the Top Book of 2017.

It was a clear winner, a gem of a read that caused me to laugh, cry and ponder for weeks after I finished. Hint: It’s a memoir written by a remarkable man in a remarkable and astounding manner.

I’ll keep you in suspense until then.

5 thoughts on “30 Reviews in 30 Days

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Elle, and I know. It is hard to write reviews. I’m so afraid that I won’t get them right or capture the real flavor of the book, etc., when none of that really matters (then why do I stress out over it?). Hope you get a chance to catch up. Cheers and have a great week.

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