The Disappointed Housewife, an edgy new literary journal

This is SO exciting. Kevin Brennan (and everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Brennan’s) recently launched a new literary magazine called The Disappointed Housewife. Is that the greatest name or what?

The site publishes edgy poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, music, multi-media, photography and anything else that doesn’t fit inside normal conventions. As Brennan says in the Editor’s Foreward: “Work that’s not just outside the box but turns the box inside out.”

This is encouraging because too many literary journals publish formula fiction, formula essays, formula poetry. Reading through them, you can feel the college/MFA workshop influence, and I’m not knocking MFA education; I have one myself. Yet (and this is just my opinion, mind you), too many journals lack variety, lack outside voices and outside viewpoints and sound too much like conventional writers trying to write from other viewpoint without ever having ventured outside their own worlds and into the grittier aspects of life.

Sometime, being safe is the worst thing for a writer. Sometimes, you have to step outside the comfort of the familiar in order to capture the true and authentic voice of a story or poem or essay.

From what I gather, The Disappointed Housewife plans on leading the way.

Interested? Here’s more of what Brennan has to say: “We’re looking for stories that strike us as different, always with that idiosyncratic touch. Iconoclastic. Kind of bent. Humorous. Poems that find the metaphors we’ve been looking for but never quite landed on. Essays that take us away from the usual and into the world of the unseen and overlooked.”

Check out What the Hell, where Brennan talks about the launch, and then scurry on over to The Disappointed Housewife  to read works by Mike McGowan, Paula Donovan, Lori Bonati and others.

6 thoughts on “The Disappointed Housewife, an edgy new literary journal

    1. Hi, Carla! So, so great to hear from you. How are you? Everything here is great. Cold, but great. Seriously says hello. P.S. I think I owe you some replies from past comments. I was off-line for a couple of months and am still catching up. Will get on it soon. Cheers and hugs and a big sloppy kiss from Seriously.

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  1. Pretty exciting about Kevin’s new magazine!
    I was thinking about you early this morning, wondering how you could stand the heat in Arizona when you are used to Alaska, but then I guess you aren’t coming here in the summer, are you? hahaha

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    1. I know, so proud of Kevin and his magazine, which really, really rocks. P.S. I’m a hot weather person and cold ALL the time in Alaska, even in the summer. But the beauty of the outdoors is worth it. At least most of the time. Or some of the time. And yes, we probably won’t be in Tucson in the summer, during the worst of the heat.

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      1. I wasn’t supposed to get stuck in Arizona in the summers, but that is what happened. Every year I’ve been so jealous of photos of snow and missed Michigan winters with all the nostalgia I could muster up. This winter every time I see a pic of snow or ice, I get chills through my bones. I have NO desire to be in that weather this year!

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