Writing resistance, and the moon

Just came across this quote from C. Hope Clark’s newsletter and I had to share. P.S. If you don’t subscribe to the Funds For Writers newsletter, you simply must. You can find more information here.

“Writing is a game of diligence, and while some days it feels like you are headed nowhere, in actuality, you are wearing down the resistance.”
–C. Hope Clark

(Oh, oh, yes, Hope, I am totally wearing down the resistance today. Or at least trying to.)


I took this photo of the moon rising up over Kenai Lake a few years ago, when I lived and worked down in Seward.


This is the moon rising over downtown Anchorage, from the Coastal Trail out by Earthquake Park, close to where I now live.


And the moon rising up over Sabino Canyon down in Tuscon, where I’ll be in three days.

I don’t know why Hope Clark’s quote reminded me of the moon, but it did. And posting these photos, I realized how much bigger the moon looks from Alaska, how much closer it feels to the earth, and rounder and fuller. Sometimes I forget about such things, forget to appreciate such things.

Still, so much moonlight. So much beauty. And so many things that I want to write.

(And yet, how odd to post about the full moon on the night of the new moon, when no moon is visible, almost as if I am  feeling incomplete, as if I am craving fullness.)


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