Two for Tuesday

_MG_0387 (2)Seriously, pondering the meaning of life (or the meaning of dog biscuits) as she peers over the side of the bluff out by Point Woronzof.

_MG_0390Ice floating in the inlet. I don’t know why I find this so beautiful, but I do. It’s the colors that do me in, the various shades of blues blending together and then separating, along with the persistent pull of the tide.

It reminds me of this, which I must (must!) read again soon: Squandering the Blue, by Kate Braverman, one of my favorite short story collections.

download (12)

I remember reading this while curled up in the window seat of the Willow cottage during my Hedgebrook residency. It was February and raining, and so very green outside that I almost couldn’t stand it. The colors so vibrant, the rain so consistent, and hours and hours of solitude, of daydreams inside my head, and reading, and writing–oh, oh, oh! I highly recommend that every woman writer apply to Hedgebrook. It’s truly a small piece of heaven.

_MG_0284 (2)

Well, I see that wasn’t two but four photos (two fer the price of one!) so I shall wish everyone a great week and slip back inside my writing, one of my favorite places to be (but probably, you knew that already).


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