I’m in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, or at least my book is

Welcome to Texas.

No, I’m not in the second biggest state (Alaska is bigger, hee, hee), but my book is.

A friend from my writing group (thanks, Lucian!), spotted Dolls Behaving Badly at the Hudson Bookstore in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. So. Friggin’. Cool. Big-haired Texans will soon be reading my naughty prose.


I love the idea of people reading my book as they’re flying. There’s something surreal and magical about being on a plane, about how we sit so comfortably close to strangers, and how we eat and sleep and breathe so innocently (so much like children!), with little regard to personal space or social standing. I love staying awake on red-eye flights and reading, everyone around me sleeping, the small glow of my overhead light slanting across my book. It’s reminds me of reading with a flashlight beneath the covers when I was younger.

Hugs to everyone who has stayed awake reading on late-night flights,  who has savored another’s words while cramped in a small seat, the hum of the engine purring around them, along with the restless shifts of nearby passengers and the click of the flight attendants’ shoes as they patrol the aisle. How wonderful, how almost mystical to read while soaring above the clouds.



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