What is That Book About, and Carl Brush

I had two reviews of Dolls Behaving Badly pop in over the weekend, both much appreciated and both pleasant surprises.

Michelle over at What is That Book About? totally “got” my book, which was so refreshing and heartwarming, since I wrote Dolls for women. I wanted a book that was realistic yet still left women with the feeling that they could take steps to make their lives better, that nothing was impossible, that often the biggest joys come from the smallest places.

I’ve posted a tidbit below. Read the rest here:

If you are a woman, grab this book for yourself, or a friend. Not only is this book funny and makes you blush here or there but with each of the characters you see yourself or someone you know….These women can be anyone you know. I think it gives so many women out there a chance to see their thoughts and feelings on paper that some will never be able to say. That truth gives the book that validity of you are not alone and your story is just like mine, what did you do to find your rainbow?

I must say, I got tears in my eyes reading that last line. Thanks so much, Michelle! You are truly a kindred spirit.

Carl R. Brush over at Writer Working bought my book after I posted a guest blog piece on his site, and then he reviewed it for me, too, all without request or prompt. Wow! I owe Carl a huge hug for doing this (virtual hugs, Carl!).

Brush had another take on Dolls, which is so, so appreciated because, face it, the book is written and marketed for women, and a man’s perspective is a rare and beautiful thing.

Here is a tempting morsel. Read more here:

The best part of Dolls to my mind is Carla’s voice. It’s the voice of a woman whose dreams seem broken, whose life seems out of control, but who maintains a basic optimism throughout….All in all, though, Dolls is an absorbing and joyous read, with some deep exploration of moral issues such as abortion–not from a government-legalistic point of view, but from the personal female angle of the conflicts and consequences.  It’s a life-and-art-affirming read, and, believe me, memorable

Thanks to Michelle and Carl for taking the time to read Dolls Behaving Badly and writing such careful and heartwarming reviews.

And authors, please, please, please take the time to warmly thank all reviewers. They work hard, read our books for free and do so much to help promote our work. They truly deserve our deepest gratitude and respect.

Up tomorrow: An interview with YA success, Nikki Jefford.

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