New work up at Sport Literate and Rat’s Ass Review

Earlier this year, when I was still injured and couldn’t run, swim, hike or even walk much, I submitted a huge amount of work to various small presses, literary magazines and contests.

I did this late at night, my defenses subdued by vast amounts of chocolate. And while I’ve been receiving a shitload of rejection notices, I did manage to nab a few wins.

My nonfiction piece Random numbers from a summer of Alaska trail running is now out in Sport Literate which is, like, my favorite lit magazine ever. I love this piece because it’s in second-person, and because it shows how gritty long-distance trail running really is, and because it highlights the quiet beauty of the Alaska trail experience. Unfortunately, there’s no online copy but here’s a peek at the print edition.


And, my poem Leave me alone, John Marven is up at Rat’s Ass Review. You can read it here.

This poem has a backstory (as do all poems) and centers on a man I once had a torrid affair with, one of those hot and steamy mistakes you can only have with someone who is your total mismatch. This guy was a truck driver (I know, right?) and I was young and stupid and working as a waitress in a coffeeshop in Flagstaff, Arizona. The chemistry was so strong that I refused to resist, even though I was living with someone else at the time. I took off with this truck driver, totally destroyed my relationship with my long-term, hardworking and decent boyfriend. The damage was enormous. It’s probably no surprise that this man eventually let me down in the worst possible way, in an unforgettable and nonredeemable way.

So imagine my surprise when a few years ago I got a Facebook request from him. He was so excited to have found me. He wanted to be friends. He apologized (a FB messenger apology–like that really counts, right?). Then, even though I was in a relationship and practically engaged at the time, he started writing about sexual stuff and it was like: Ewww! Don’t you dare go there, dude.

We quickly de-friended one another. But it got me thinking: What if? So I wrote a poem about the child we could have had, this invisible child, this shadow child following me through my life. It was very cathartic, a way of creating something beautiful out of a messy and ugly situation from my past.

Other news: I have a few poems coming out this summer: Why I pierced my nose at The Cabinet of Heed and To the girl who dared cry rape at Voices of Eve.

And yesterday I received the most ridiculous rejection email notice. It said, “No.” That was it. One. Word. Nothing else. I’d love to mention the publication (oh, how I’d love to!) but I’ll be the better person and keep that goddamned, stingy title to myself.

I’m currently in the Philly burbs and visiting with my sister for a week. I haven’t taken many pictures, mostly because I haven’t been carrying my phone, but hopefully I’ll get some decent shots of big city life before I leave.

In the meantime, here are a few slices of spring in the Tucson desert (and Carla, the pic of Seriously running down the hill is just for you).


15 thoughts on “New work up at Sport Literate and Rat’s Ass Review

  1. Congratulations on ALL your publications! I hope they help you weather the rejections. As far as the “No.” rejection, well, at least you know not to submit to them again. They are not worth your precious time.

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  2. Eh, also meant to say I love your photos! You make Tucson look very appealing (and Seriously is just appealing by nature). I have to read your poem in Rats Ass Review. I’ve done some incredibly stupid things in my life, hurt some decent people in the worst way, and wonder if poetry/fiction would be one way to make amends, at least with myself.

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    1. Oh, Marie, I think if I had led a more worthy life, I probably wouldn’t need to write. I’ve made so many mistakes, hurt so many people, betrayed people (including myself). Writing is the only way I know to resolve it, at least in my own mind. Life is hard, isn’t it? P.S. Tucson in the spring is so incredibly lovely.

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      1. Writing might be one of the best ways to resolve our mistakes and betrayals. I know I work through a lot of my bad behavior in my fiction, which is probably one reason why some of my female characters are not always likeable 😉

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  3. Thanks, Luanne. It’s such an awesome name for a mag, isn’t it? Hope you are well and surviving the heat down there in the desert. We’ve had more sunshine than usual up here–I think it followed me from Tucson. Cheers and have a great weekend.


  4. Thank you, Cinthia, for that great pic of Seriously!!! I love it!!! I am way behind of my blog reading as we just sold our house, moved everything into storage, and headed out for our road trip to Washington, where we landed a few nights ago. Whew! Congratulations on the publications! Luanne, I hope you get a poem in Rat’s Ass too! 🙂

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    1. Wow, you sound really busy, Carla. Are you moving to Washington? Like, Washington state? If so, then we will practically be neighbors. Big hugs to you, and can’t wait to hear about your new dogs, once you adopt them. P.S. Our newly adopted cat is kind of driving us crazy. We think she might have a learning disability or maybe post-traumatic stress from being homeless. Whatever the case, she meows all. the. time. when she’s hungry and can’t seem to remember where her food bowl is, even though it’s been in the exact same place for two weeks. Pets are so adorable, aren’t they, lol.

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      1. We are staying in Southern California, Cinthia, but we are in Washington to get the home that my mom and stepdad lived in up for sale, as they moved to an assisted living place. Somehow the timing worked out for us to come up here during the time that our house is being built. It is due to be finished at the end of July. We do enjoy the days here and how it stays light until after 9 pm sometimes! Beautiful. Maybe you could try Luanne’s method with your cat of reading poetry to her. 🙂


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