Black and white challenge

Everyone’s posting black and white photos on Facebook lately and so when someone challenged me (thanks, Gail!), I converted a few of this year’s pics into black and white. I was surprised at what I saw.

Black and white feels so much more distinct and complex. Each layer matters, each angle. Moods emerge where color once was. It’s almost as if, when you subtract color, the real image swims into view.

(Remember the movie “Pleasantville” with Toby Magquire and Reese Witherspoon, which started in black and white and then turned to color when people became more enlightened? Well, this is that in reverse.)

Here is a snapshot of my year without the color or captions, just the nitty-gritty of who I am, where I was and how I felt.

6 thoughts on “Black and white challenge

    1. I know, it does, doesn’t it? I’m going to start shooting in black and white more. I think it suits me better. Plus it just feels deeper. (I’m actually kind of tired of everyone’s perfect cell phone photos, you know? I get a little bit excited when I see a photo that’s off-centered or a little bit blurry. It feels more authentic.)

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  1. Those are fantastic! Especially love the one of Seriously (of course!) and the running shoes. I was recently challenged to do this on Facebook as well and it was fun. I love B&W photos. (Hmmm. Didn’t think of turning those photos into blog fodder…. You’ve given me an idea for a future post.) 🙂

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