Semifinalist status, and a little bit of Alaska

Until last week, I had forgotten about the creative nonfiction manuscript I had submitted to the Honeysuckle Press Chapbook Contest back in December.

I submit a lot, and when I don’t hear back I naturally assume that it either wasn’t a good fit or they thought it sucked.

Then I received this email:

I’m emailing to let you know that we’ve chosen your powerful, compelling chapbook “Lies, and Saturdays” as a semifinalist for the Honeysuckle Chapbook contest. We loved your innovative and risk-taking use of language and form. 

Well, imagine that.

The prose finalists and winner will be chosen by Bhanu Kapil and announced in early September (fingers crossed, people; fingers crossed).

Here’s a list of the poetry and prose semifinalist, chosen from over 500 entries.


Disfigure Studies by Asha Dore

Adolescence, Secondhand by Francisco Delgado

Dislocate by Simone Person

Woman Braces Herself by Danielle Zaccagnino

Lies and Saturdays by Cinthia Ritchie

Things That Cannot Be Tamed by Khristian Mecom


Chronicle the Body by Mick Powell

Cleaning Service by Beyza Ozer

Bitter Map by Crystal Boson

Canciones de Cuna by William Palomo

Oracle: a Cosmology by Destiny Hemphill

Sirens by Mitchell Glazier

Part of my manuscript will be featured on the Honeysuckle Press website next month; I’ll keep everyone posted on that. And my poem Crazy, They Said will be featured on the Rattle website sometime next month, too.

Other than that, life trudges on. I’m obsessing about my memoir, trying to decide what to keep in, what to leave out. I want to capture moments in small slices, with bare-to-the-bone prose, and writing less is so much more difficult than writing more.

But forget the writing struggles. It’s summer in Alaska, though we’ve been getting a lot of rain. Right now it’s raining at 58 degrees out there. Yes, you read right: 58 degrees. In the summer. Still, we’ve been getting out as much as possible, running and walking the beach. Beauty is beauty no matter the weather, eh?


19 thoughts on “Semifinalist status, and a little bit of Alaska

  1. As always, good luck with your submissions. The semi-finalist spot for the chapbook contest sounds promising.

    As always, thanks for the pictures.

    We’re headed up to Vancouver next week. We’ll get a little of bit of the extended days experience up there.


    1. Thanks, Mark. And Vancouver! Like a mini Alaska, only with better weather. Hope you all have a great time. P.S. Are you going to be hiking? If so, please take a lot of pics and post on your blog, okay? Cheers.


  2. Congratulations! I love the photo of YOU! That should go on your next book’s dust jacket 🙂 And this is so, so true: “writing less is so much more difficult than writing more” …


  3. Oh honey how wonderful and I know that you will win. Just the title makes me want to read it. And yes keep us informed. Love and miss you very much. You are lucky to have both Candace and Christopher coming for a visit. Maybe we can all get together in Tucson if Christine ever gets there LOL

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  4. Thanks so much, Carla. Seriously is doing well, happy and out running and hiking on the trails every day. We return home muddy and wet and exhausted, as people and dogs should always return from the mountains. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the summer. Cheers and hugs (and sloppy kisses from Seriously).


  5. Congratulations! Fingers crossed for you!!! Love the pics! Love the running headgear. 🙂 And hey, Seriously!!

    Hope you are cranking on your memoir! I am THIS CLOSE to being all done with editing my latest novel. Getting to that point where I’m SO SICK of it. (I’m sure that’s why they say “Write what you want to read.” Because you will end up reading it at least 187 times….)

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    1. How exciting! So glad you’re almost finished with your novel. It feels good to be so close, doesn’t it? I kind of finished the memoir but still don’t feel that it’s exactly right. So more editing, more obsessing, more agony (why do we do this?). Cheers, hugs and pets to all.


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