In No Particular Order

Kevin Brennan’s new book just released and I cannot wait to devour. Followers of this blog know I’m a big fan of Brennan and a bit infatuated with his writing style (are you blushing yet, Kev?).

Best yet? In No Particular Order is only .99 on Amazon today.

So without further ado (and please imagine a drumroll now, okay?):

Here’s a brief description swiped borrowed from Brennan’s What the Hell blog: 

It’s true that life is linear, but the living of it is all over the map. In this memoir-in-vignettes, novelist Kevin Brennan (Parts Unknown, Yesterday Road) examines his life the way memories occur in the wild: in no particular order. Whether it’s recalling high school humiliations, ups and downs in love and romance, or unique interactions with the human race at home and abroad, Brennan both entertains and moves the reader with moments of unexpected poignancy and full-tilt humor. In No Particular Order is a deconstructed memoir, like no other because it looks at life as it really is — a kaleidoscope of individual moments.

I hope to snag an interview with Brennan in the near future to pick his brain about why he decided to swing over to memoir writing and how to relates and differs from fiction writing.

Until then, have a great week, everyone.

4 thoughts on “In No Particular Order

      1. Hahaha, the release date was supposed to be June 23. I got an email today that they are running 5 weeks behind! I guess I will have to let people know at some point. Right now it is so hot I can barely function. My brain is sweating. I. kid. you. not. xo

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