To My White Sisters Amongst the 48%

Love this post. And love all the women, and men, who showed up in all kinds of funky weather to march.

Maureen O'Leary

We feel good about yesterday. We woke up this morning feeling better than we have since before the election. We exerted ourselves and we marched in solidarity with millions of others around the globe. We thought we were alone in a dystopian fascist world, but now we know we aren’t. We feel better. More comfortable.

The march was so diverse, we are saying to one another. There weren’t just white people there. And wasn’t it nice that the cops were so supportive and smiley? No arrests. No violence.

I’m only talking about myself, but there is a reason we don’t like to be criticized. There is a reason we get so defensive when someone points out that maybe the reason the Women’s March didn’t result in any arrests wasn’t because our obedience was rewarded but because it was so heavily attended by white people. There is a reason we don’t…

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2 thoughts on “To My White Sisters Amongst the 48%

  1. I really appreciated that post, including its call to action for future activism across issue divides, but I take exception with the statements in any post that assume we all (white women) don’t show up for non-white causes. I missed the Women’s March because I’m recovering from a surgery, but a month earlier, I traveled to the US/Méx border to volunteer for a day in support of concern about migrant lives lost. Many of us (most of us?) support many different causes. Being women, I think we are the first to self criticize for not doing even more, but is that really helpful, or just more “we must do it all” self defeatism? Thanks for letting me vent that, Cinthia. I’m on the defensive for divisiveness because it feels like a tool that will mostly benefit you-know-who, not any woman of any color or class. As I said: still enjoyed the post, because I’m loving hearing these things discussed!


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