Writing and blogging (and mountain pics, too)

How do people do it, how do they write and blog without losing their focus? I can happily blog away when I’m not writing or when writing shorter pieces: poetry, essays or short stories (though I have to admit that I so seldom write short stories, mostly because I so seldom read short stories, mostly because I find them unsatisfying. Give me a good sink-your-teeth-in-here novel any day, thank you very much).

Blogging while writing a novel is much, much more difficult, mainly because I’m no longer myself for most of the day, I’m Sasha Dewey and I write the obituaries for the Daily Anchorage Mirror (motto: a DAM good read), and my marriage is falling apart and the dead people who I write about are visiting and telling their stories, and nothing is what it seems and ….

Well, you get the picture. So I haven’t been blogging much. In fact, I haven’t been doing much except writing, editing what I’ve written, obsessing over what I’ve written, and running. Occasionally I actually sit down and talk with my partner but mostly I talk to him while we’re running (a two fer, eh?) and then slink back to my writing room for another round of obsessing.

So instead of blabbing on about nothing, I’ve decided to fill this post with pretty Alaska photos (purty pitchers!). Most were taken a few weeks ago, before autumn settled so firmly in (it seems that Sasha Dewey doesn’t much like taking pictures either, sigh, sigh).


Running out at Hatcher Pass
Seriously waiting for me to catch up during a run out at Hatcher Pass.
Cloudy day out along Turnagain Arm
Low tide out along Turnagain Arm
Seriously, exhausted from chasing squirrels out at Rabbit Lake
Rabbit Lake

5 thoughts on “Writing and blogging (and mountain pics, too)

    1. I should. Except Sasha doesn’t seem to give a damn about blogging, lol. Moose pics coming soon. I see them ALL the time but I’ve been running as minimally as possible, no phone/camera, nothing but my keys tucked in my shoes. Will need to start carrying more. Saw five moose on Saturday and three today. It’s to the point that it’s like, oh yeah, another moose, sigh, sigh. Cheers and happy writing.


  1. When you’re in character, all you can do is abide by the character 😉 I like how you randomly pop up in my email now and then. I know some people prefer to schedule, but I find I have a harder time keeping up with blogs where people post regularly than with those that people post irregularly … hope that makes sense. Just enjoy being in a writing zone and post pictures when you feel like it 😉


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