One of my favorite books, on sale

I just saw this on BookBub and I can’t shut up about it. It’s one of my favorite books! Okay, I have a million favorite books. But Ben Fountain’s Brief Encounters With Che Guevara ranks high. It obviously ranks on everyone’s list for it won the 2008 PEN/Hemingway Award (I don’t know about you but I can imagine Hemingway and Che Guevara sitting in a bar drinking whiskey and eating greasy jalapeno poppers and then, every so often, burping loudly and apologetically).

P.S. I especially loved the first story “Near-Extinct Birds of the Central Cordillera.” It’s one of those pieces that gets stuck in your mind and you find yourself thinking about it, every so often, for no apparent reason. (I love when that happens.)

download (1)

P.S.S. I’m housesitting out in the country and watching over this old gal, who wants nothing more in life than to eat, sleep and snore, loudly.



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