Twilight blues, with Seriously

We’re up to over 16 hours of daylight here in Anchorage and though temps are still hovering in the low 50s, it feels like summer because, get this, the green is back. I can’t tell you how hungry I am for the sight of green. It makes me almost giddy.

Grow, little leaves. Grow!

Of course, I’m partial to the evening twilight. Don’t get me wrong. I love the daytime and the trees all budding and the grass sprouting up so proud and strong.

But the twilight does something to me.

Since we’re swinging toward summer, the twilight arrives later and later. Which means we’re out later and later. Works for me but my poor partner begins to slump around 11 p.m. (Hey, that’s just when I’m beginning to feel energetic.)

We saw this eagle while walking the beach a few nights ago. Notice the light in the photo? This is as it’s beginning to get dark, before the twilight opens up and spreads across the land.


And Seriously, in the fading light.


And now, the transition to twilight.


And twilight.


And Seriously running like hell in the twilight. Just because, you know, she can.


And this, the empty beach behind us as we walk back to the car.


Oh, such a perfect way to end the day.

9 thoughts on “Twilight blues, with Seriously

  1. I used to have friends who lived in Yellowknife and whenever they came south they experienced “green-out”, a kind of sensory overload from all the flora. Your photos are shockingly beautiful!

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    1. I love it, green-out! I’ll have to use soon. It’s a great word. (Sorry I was late for work but I was, like, totally greening out and couldn’t find my shoes.) Thanks for stopping by, and hope you’re gearing up for a great weekend.

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    1. But you get to see the desert in bloom, which is another beautiful thing. I always forget, as I slog through the winters, how beautiful the summers are up here. And then when summer finally (finally!) arrives, it’s as if I’m seeing it anew, which is actually kind of glorious. Cheers and have a lovely weekend (take a walk in the desert for me, okay?).

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