A novel on Instagram? Author Blaise Lucey tells a story through pix and captions

I’m a little bit jealous of this interview Kevin Brennan did on his What the Hell blog with Blaise Lucey who, get this, is writing a novel on Instagram.

Yep, Instagram. Crazy, right?

Or maybe not. Maybe, and quite possibly, such projects are the trend of the future.

So here’s Kevin, and Blaise, and the first part of their very intriguing chat.



BlaiseLuceyBlaise Lucey

Why didn’t you think of it? A novel on Instragram? For that matter, why didn’t I think of it! Author Blaise Lucey thought of it, though, and his experiment in fiction/marketing, Luxury Coops, is live now on Instagram. You can follow along here.

I’ve been a fan of Lucey since I got into the lit-blog scene three years ago. He’s a writer, musician, tech strategist, and all-around digital philosopher who keeps his eye on everything from publishing trends to the latest in indie music. His new novel, Blest, was published March 15 by Alloy Entertainment – Powered by Amazon.

I asked him about his Instagram project and his new novel, but our discussion also gets into many areas of interest for indie writers, musicians, and artists of all types.

In my series, “Gatecrash — Liberating Creativity in the Age of Boilerplate Fiction,” I called for…

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