Another Book Inhabited by Dolls

I love you, Luanne Castle!

For those of you who don’t know, Castle is the award-winning author of Doll God, with work in such esteemed publications as Grist, Barnstorm Journal, The Antigonish Review, TAB, River Teeth, Lunch Ticket, Wisconsin Review, The Review Review, Ducts, A Narrow Fellow, Redheaded Stepchild and The MacGuffin.

When it comes to writing, she is what they call “the real thing.”

And she liked my book! She recently reviewed “Dolls Behaving Badly” on her site.


Luanne Castle: Poetry and Other Words (and cats!)

Marie of 1WriteWay introduced me to the writer of another book with the word DOLL in the title.

Dolls Behaving Badly

When I started reading Cinthia Ritchie’s novel Dolls Behaving Badly I immediately thought, “Oh, my son’s fiancée will love this book.” Then I thought, “Mom will want to read this book.”

It starts off like fun chick lit. A single mom of a genius 8-year-old son needs to figure out how to pay her bills on her waitress salary and find love and happiness from a trailer in Alaska.

Luckily for me, before I sent a link to them, the dolls entered the book. Just in time, I stayed my hand (I know the phrase doesn’t belong outside the Bible or historical romances, but this is where it gets a little “Biblical”).  The protagonist, Carla Richards, is not just a server, but also an artist, and retired Barbie and Ken dolls…

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