Wordless Wednesday (Or a year in photos)

Okay, okay, this post is going to have some words but I promise to keep them at a minimum. So, here’s to Wordless Wednesday and a year in review.

January: Goodbye to Beebs, the best dog in the world

DSC_0257 (2)beebs

February and March: Hello, Arizona


April: Visit with family in Philly and then back to Anchorage, where a curious moose pays a visit


May: Goodbye to my last pet, 19-year-old Fluff-Buster


June: Trail running

DSCN1371DSCN1402 (2)black bear trail

July: Twilight beach walks

Beach6IMG_9969 (2)

August: My sister visits and we do Alaska

IMG_0030IMG_000720150825_185655 (2)

September: Visit with my son (my son!) and more moose


DSCN1574_MG_0195 (2)IMG_0228

October: Autumn trail runs and we petsit Seriously (and fall in love with her)


November: Winter arrives

IMG_0306 (2)

December: Back to Arizona 

DSCN1792IMG_2648 (2)IMG_2647 (2)


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Or a year in photos)

    1. I think we’re going to be co-parenting Seriously, so we’ll be able to have her for part of the summer. Cannot wait to hike and run with her. I miss the companionship of a dog so, so much. Hiking with a dog is so different than hiking with a person. It kind of feeds my soul. And yes, yes, our online friendship is much valued. Love your posts. Feel as if I know your dogs. We must, must, must meet in person one day, okay? Take care, and pets to the dogs.

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