Library Ticket

Jackie Mallon

I bet you think I’ve been tripping the light fantastic these past few weeks and that’s why you haven’t heard from me. Well, not exactly. But I have been somewhere exciting, A veritable event I’d call it. It cost me no cab fare nor board and lodgings. There was no membership fee and the scenery was extraordinary. There was no dress code to speak of, although I did make an effort to represent, and no one tries to pick you up just because you’re sitting alone.IMG_4340

And not to make you feel bad but I was honored to be among the most brilliant company. Scintillating.
Can you guess where I was..?IMG_4351

That was a bit of a red herring.

Let’s walk to the end of the block…

Alright, of course! I was in the  New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue. I was sequestered away in their Map Room. IMG_4289


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