An unlikely agent success story

I love reading blogs. It’s my biggest guilty pleasure. I’m not much for Facebook and while I do love Twitter, my heart lies with blogs. Following other people’s lives feels slightly voyeuristic, much like luxuriating inside a long novel. You begin to know people, and care about them, even though you’ve never met. You build relationships.

I “met” Eliza West through bloggy friend Kevin Brennan and have been following her ever since. When she started tweeting about querying her book and the eight agents that wanted to represent her, I couldn’t wait to hear more.

HI, Eliza. Hope you don’t mind that I “borrowed” your pic from your blog.

But she can tell it better than I can. Here’s the beginning of Eliza’s story of rewriting her book from a minor character’s point of view, sending it off before she thought it was finished and finding out that not only was it ready, it was a hot agent item.

Warning: this is a Cinderella story in Tweets

If you’ve been following me for a while you probably know I’ve been trying sell a book since February to no avail. I had 20 partial/full request but no offers. It wasn’t working. I tried to write something else, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that story and that world, so I decide to rewrite the story from a minor character’s perspective, a character who literally had three lines in the first book, and something clicked. I started to write my story:

Read the rest here: My Agent Story

P.S. Congrats and way to go, Eliza!

4 thoughts on “An unlikely agent success story

    1. Ha, ha, a bloggernecker, I love it, and that’s totally me (for instance, I just spent the morning reading blogs instead of working, hee, hee. Gotta love the Internet, no?). Cheers and happy weekend, Tolly!


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