Pushcart Prize nomination plus another mention

Hope everyone found a small piece of joy during the holidays.We spent a quiet Christmas at home with the beasts (two cats and a dog, all aging, all with health and personality quirks), watching movies and reading. It was peaceful and serene, and I was so happy that I baked a loaf of bread. There’s something about the smell of baking bread, isn’t there? Something life-affirming and warm and hopeful. Something that eases one’s hunger.

I was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize by The Boiler Journal. I’m thankful and grateful that the editors found my work worthy.

Dreaming of seeing my work inside of this. Okay, I like to dream big, why not, eh?

I first discovered the Pushcart Prize series years ago when I was an undergraduate at Western Michigan University studying anthropology and English. I carried a volume home from the library (without bothering to check it out–sorry) and curled up in the apartment I shared with my best friend (who would later betray me and steal my cat, but that’s another story), and began reading. I didn’t stop for days. I cut all of my classes, stayed in bed amongst those filthy sheets, with my surly cat and the smell of my sweaty armpits, which I found oddly comforting, and I read the collection from cover to cover.

A few weeks later I came across Catherine Gammons’ short story “Night Vision” in the Missouri Review and I fell head over heels for Gammon and words and the weight of syllables lingering fat and heavy across my tongue.

Now I am here in Alaska, writing through the blue-tinted winter darkness.

Our yard, a winter wonderland except I’m getting tired of the wonder.

Speaking of Alaska, the Alaska Dispatch mentioned me in their year-end state writers’ roundup. I’m excited and grateful for their support, except ummm, they got it a wee bit wrong:

Honorable Mention: The Best American Sports Writing 2013 for Cinthia Ritchie’s essay “Running”

Cinthia Ritchie may not have had a whole book published, but her remarkably moving essay “Running,” first featured in the literary magazine Sport Literate, and later as one of 26 pieces of sports writing included in the annual anthology. The essay, written in a breathless, frantic tone meant to mimic running, recounts Ritchie’s own personal struggles through her passion for the sport. Runner’s World called Ritchie’s essay — on the “transcendent” power of running — a “gem.”

But I did! I did publish a book in 2013, a real book through a real New York publisher.

Journalists, eh?

3 thoughts on “Pushcart Prize nomination plus another mention

  1. Cinthia ~ Congratulations on your Pushcart nomination! And a Happy Holidays & New Year’s Greeting to you & yours! I, too, noticed the ‘slight’ error in the Dispatch article and thought ‘hey!’ But, they can’t take the fact that you did, indeed, publish a most EXCELLENT book this past year. And, I cannot wait for your next one to roll out. I have said it before and I will keep repeating myself, you are my (and many others) role model in so many ways. I cannot tell you how many times your posts hit home and your words resonate just at the right moment when I am in great need to hear from someone who speaks from their heart in authenticate terms. No BS and not from “I have published and won a crap load of award and grants and can no longer be bothered to talk to non-published, non-MFA plebeians.” ~ from a Big Fan of You & Your Great Words ~


    1. I love you–I do, really! Thanks so much for being such a supportive friend (though we still have never gotten together but I do very much consider us friends, isn’t it funny how that works?). Hugs, hugs and more hugs,


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