Hanging out in Seward, Alaska

Seward, Alaska is a dream. Or at least it was when we were there this past weekend. Perfect blue skies, sunshine, temps in the mid-30s. What is it about small towns that are so enticing, that suck you in, cause you to slow down and savor each moment?

That is what we did: We savored. We walked the dog on the beach, we lay on the couches at the Sea Bean cafe and read books. We ate muffins (that weren’t vegan, that had white sugar and white flour, oh my!) and visited the new Seward Community Library and took the dog for yet another walk, this time on Two Lakes Trails, where the spruce trees gathered around us and we forgot we were at the edge of town and it all felt magical and right, as if our true selves, the selves of beauty and awareness, of vulnerability and openness, were able to finally emerge.

The edge of downtown Seward.
2 (2)
View of Resurrection Bay from downtown Seward.

We checked out the new Seward Community Library and I swear, I want to move there just so I can sit at one of the desks in front of the large windows overlooking the bay, and I want to write all day, every day. Maybe I’ll move in and live at the library, who knows.


The tiles on the outer library walls change colors as the sun moves across the sky.
The colored tiles reflect the shades of Seward lifestyles: blue for the bay, pink for the salmon, green for the Sitka spruce forests, grey for the pebbles along the beach.


Me, climbing the steps of the new library for the first time.
A perfect writing spot.
View from on of the library windows.

Returning to the city was a jolt, still is a jolt. The sun shines today and I walked the dog and the air felt clean and crisp, yet part of me longs to be back in Seward and the slower lifestyle, the mountains rising up above me, so close you can walk to the base from town.

Maybe that is why we take photographs, not so much to record where we’ve been but to dream of where we might return.

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