I won! And my new writer crush

Well, I got lucky again.

Last week I won a copy of the “Big Book of Bondage.”

This week, I won an eReader copy of “Blog It” by Molly Greene. Can’t wait to read.

Molly Greene is my new writing girl crush.

MollyI discovered Molly on Twitter and then started following her blog and, heart be still, her advice has helped so, so much as I navigate the thorny maze of first-time book promotion.

I learned how to better handle my newbie Twitter status, how to pick better followers and how to unfollow those who chose not to follow me (who would have thunk, eh?).

And now our relationship is evolving and growing deeper as I prepare to dive down into more complex issues, such as better blogging and more intense networking.

Oh-oh-oh, it is too exciting!

Joking aside, a big hearty thanks to Molly G. for all she does for the many social media newbies (including yours truly) groping around in the dark.

Cheers and happy prepositions to all,

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