What is That Book About, and more dog pics

Michelle over at What is That Book About posted an awesome review of Dolls Behaving Badly today. It’s refreshing to know that other women “get” my book, that they understand and sympathize with my characters, that they identify with parts of them and think: She’s just like me. It’s one of the greatest compliments a writer can get because what else do we strive for than to write as realistically as possible? (Thanks so, so much, Michelle! You totally rocked my day.)

Here’s the beginning of Michelle’s review: If you are a woman, grab this book for yourself, or a friend. Not only is this book funny and makes you blush here or there but with each of the characters you see yourself or someone you know. You find yourself affirming to a thought or reacting to an experience as if this was about you or or them.

Check out the rest of review here:

Other Dolls sightings worthy of a big mention:

On Friday, Ye Olde Inkwell published a post on Writing My Way to Romance and also hosted a giveway. Thanks so much, Michelle!

Author and college instructor Jamie Marchant kindly and generously hosted me on Thursday for a nice guest post (thanks Jamie) on How to Write Fresh Dialogue and then hosted me again (again!) on Friday with an excerpt from Dolls Behaving Badly. (Big hugs to you, Jamie!!)

On Thursday, Chick Lit Goddess also hosted me for a post on A Very Unintended Chick Lit Novel, where I wrote about how I struggled against my novel’s own best intentions. Thanks so, so much, Isabella!

On Wednesday, Wanted Readers hosted me for a guest spot on writing in rural Alaska; I so enjoyed writing that piece since it took me back to my days of living in Seward, so close to the wilderness, and the mountains, and the vast, open expanse of sky and water. Thanks so much for reconnecting me with some great memories, Cricket!

We returned for the last heat of the Rony World Championship Sled Dog Races today and I can’t resist posting more pics. These dogs pump me up!







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