eBook Addict interview, and birch trees

It’s up! And it’s pink. And bubbly.

My interview posted on eBook Addict today and I couldn’t be happier. (Thanks, Josie, you did an awesome job and asked some great questions!)


I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of the birch trees out behind the house. I love the birches in the winter, when the light is lavender and the branches cast a silver shadow. Evenings when the wind blows, they sway and bend like slender women dancing.

Heads up: Thursday Chick Lit Central hosts a Dolls Behaving Badly giveaway featuring a signed copy of the book, a Barbie and “sweet” Alaska goodies. See you there.

2 thoughts on “eBook Addict interview, and birch trees

  1. Thanks, Ela! I love sitting on the couch and looking out at the birches. I’m doing exactly that right now. So peaceful! Hope you are looking out at the bay right now and still thinking good thoughts. Hugs,


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