My books!, and another acceptance

I’m on a roll. I swear, it’s almost scary.

Today I received a message that MARY accepted my creative nonfiction piece “Eating”‘ for their next issue. Thanks so much, MARY. Can’t wait to see the issue.

Then this happened:

My book! Lots o’ copies of my book!

The good-looking Fed Ex man brought four boxes of the final copies of Dolls Behaving Badly. (This is funny because in my book Carla, the main character, has a crush on the Fed Ex guy.)

I opened the box, took out my book and held it in my hands. Is there a better feeling in the whole world than holding the final copy of the book you wrote for the first time?

Best yet, there is a moose printed on both the back and sides.



And guess what I saw when I looked out the window? Seriously, I’m not making this up.


It’s been a good day. I’m rather giddy from it all. I can’t believe that in five days I will be a real, true author. I hope I don’t die before then. It would really, truly suck to die the day before my book releases. I think I’ll stay in the house all day, avoid sharp objects, not take a bath, keep away from the stairs and eat only soft foods, just in case.

Five more days. And counting.

One thought on “My books!, and another acceptance

  1. Yes! I can _feel_ your excitement. I was so excited for you already but now feel even more so. That part with the moose is shiversome!
    But hey you, you’re already an author, of course you are! You were already, long before the hot Fed-Ex guy and the cold moose showed up with the champagne.
    To me, the odd thing would be holding your very own book for the first time, and having that ‘my name is Legion’ moment because there are so many copies. Takes me straight back to undergrad days discussing the problem of personal identity
    Congrats and again.
    I wish you were coming to read in Homer. Wait, we should find a way to make that happen!


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