Two weeks

Uh-oh. Dolls Behaving Badly releases in two weeks.

That’s fourteen days.

336 hours.

20160 minutes.


I am scared and excited to the point of mania. I can’t sleep. Last night I stayed up the whole night researching book publicity trends. Forget the fact that I stayed up all night a few nights ago doing the same thing. The idea of sitting, or lying, still unsettles me. If I didn’t run, I’d go crazy.

The thing is, you work for years for this moment. You sacrifice family, work, sleep, relationships. Your book has been you whole life. And suddenly you have to let go. It’s like a birth, and right now I’m going through labor pains.

Yep, two weeks of contractions. Ouch!

But I remember the way I felt when the midwife put my son in my arms for the first time, how I looked down and I knew him. He was familiar. He belonged in my life. It was a turning point–after that, I could never go back to being a woman without a child. It was inconceivable. I was forever altered.

That’s how I feel now, and hopefully when I hold my book, the real, finished version, in my hands, I’ll feel different. Stronger, and more like a writer. I’ll feel, well, I don’t know how I’ll feel.

Hopefully I’ll feel like finishing my second book.

In the meantime, I’m sitting here behind my computer. Writing. Researching. Obsessing. Send me a line if you have time. I could sure use some friendly words this week.

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