High summer, and book news

It’s summer in Alaska and we’ve been blessed with freakishly high temperatures, sunny skies and daylight stretching out past midnight. It’s intoxicating and giddy. It’s difficult to stay indoors. It’s so damned awesome. Except (there’s always an except, isn’t there?) I haven’t been able to do the things I love the most, namely running and… Read More High summer, and book news

Finished (or, wanting two things and only getting one)

I finally finished my novel (Waiting For My Daughter’s Ghost)¬†rewrite. It took me over three months, countless sleeplessness nights and too many damned tears. I wrote the best book that I could. I gave it all of my energy, time, emotions and heart. I bled for my book, I bled happily and freely and unabashedly.… Read More Finished (or, wanting two things and only getting one)